Limited Edition. Limited Quantities. 



We've made some improvements. 

You're going to LOVE them. 



Smaller diamond stitching, makes the mat lay even flatter!

Softer Eco-Friendly PVC Nubs on the bottom of the mat. Less slip, more grip! 

All mats come with a strap!

Added BONUS: Store your mat in the included WAYbag drawstring backpack! 


More than a mat.


WAYmat is an ALL-IN-ONEtowel mat + grip. Leave your rubber mat and towel at home, WE got you covered from head to toe. Literally. When you get home throw it in the washer and dryer and be on your WAY!

Color: This is a MICROFIBER Towel. The bottom of the mat is the 2023 Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta, with a GREY border and GREY microfiber towel/flap on the end.


Size: 75” x 30”

3” longer and wider then the BIGGEST standard sized mat!


Material & Features:

  • 100% machine washable & dry-able
  • Shrink resistant and flexible
  • Absorbs a great deal of sweat or water with ease
  • Thicker than any towel and can be used in place of a regular yoga mat - soft on the body and joints
  • Doubles as a great beach and pool towel, pillow, blanket, or bath mat.
  • Wear it to and from yoga as a fashion statement or to keep warm

Get on your WAY today!

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Golomb
LOVE my Waymats!!

I got my first Waymat 12 years ago when I started doing Bikram yoga. I haven't used anything else since. I now do Core Power Yoga including C2, Yoga Sculpt and Strength X. I still only use my Waymat. I am a sweater and nothing absorbs sweat like this does. Plus they are so soft and fluffy, it feels wonderful when I finally make it to my savasana. I really like the bright colors to add vibrance to my practice, and this pink is perfect. Keep up the great work, Waymat!