WAYmat-Core Ocean

WAYmat Core Ocean


More than a mat.

WAYmat is an ALL-IN-ONEtowel mat + grip. Leave your rubber mat and towel at home, WE got you covered from head to toe. Literally. When you get home throw it in the washer and dryer and be on your WAY!


Color: This is a TEAL OCEAN COLOR Microfiber Towel. The top and bottom of the mat are the same color with a GREY border and GREY micro-fiber towel/flap on the end.


Size: 75” x 30”

3” longer and wider then the BIGGEST standard sized mat!


Grip: Best for carpet, rubber flooring, or the outdoors. Rubber nubs cover the bottom of the mat for more stick on slick surfaces


Material & Features:

  • 100% machine washable
  • Shrink resistant and flexible
  • Absorbs a great deal of sweat or water with ease
  • Thicker than any towel and can be used in place of a regular yoga mat - soft on the body and joints
  • Doubles as a great beach and pool towel, pillow, blanket, or bath mat.
  • Wear it to and from yoga as a fashion statement or to keep warm
  • Mat straps sold separately 

Get on your WAY today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing Birthday Gift

My mom is a really hard person to shop for and she has never been happier with this Mat. She needs a high traffic product for doing hot yoga 6 days a week and this is so sturdy and reliable. Perfect gift!

Wayne Saltsman
Perfect for Hot Yoga

I bought my Way after my first hot yoga class—as I saw that other students had one…it does not slip, it is comfortable and absorbent, and it cleans up nicely. Well worth it!

Deborah Teixeira
Not what I expected

It doesn’t stay put on the ground and it slips under the feet.

Olga H.
Yogi Must-Have

So soft and absorbent! This is the only mat I will use for my 26:2 practice. The rubber nubs on the bottom make a huge difference - the mat doesn't slide, crinkle, or fold on itself.
Highly recommend this tranquil teal ocean shade. Thanks for the great product WayMat - please design pastel-colored mats next!

Best for got yoga!

I love my way mat. It's comfortable absorbent and I get the reassurance of having a fresh mat every time I practice. The grip is exceptional and there is just enough cushion to feel comfortable and stable. I only wish it could be ordered in and even longer size for us over 6ft tall.